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Gnats In The House

What are Gnats? Gnats are tiny flying insects attracted to moisture and sweet smells.  They’re also a nuisance and very unhygienic.  Once you have gnats, they will increase in numbers quickly because gnats lay eggs in moist areas of your home and on overripe or rotted fruit.  Therefore, it is imperative to get rid of …

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Why St. Louis Ants Are So Bad This Spring & What You Can Do About It

ANTS! They’re in bathrooms crawling all over toothbrushes and sinks. They’re in kitchens crawling all over food, countertops, and any other exposed surfaces they can find. Ants are usually active around metro St. Louis in the spring, but they’re usually not THIS bad.  Here’s why they’re SO active right now… Massive Amounts of RAIN  Yes …

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Winter Pests

PESTS THAT THRIVE IN THE WINTER When the weather cools off and the snow deepens, we usually have much more on our minds than household pests. We shovel the driveway, check the heat tape on plumbing, and make sure the pets’ water bowls are thawed. We either dread or anticipate snow-days, and enjoy our fireplaces. …

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Bed Bug Outbreak

The Bed Bug Outbreak Bed bugs are an invasive yet minute species. During WWII, they were brought to the U.S. by veterans and immigrants who carried them in their clothing, duffel bags, and luggage. Bed Bugs spread across the country in pandemic  proportions. In those days, DDT was used to stop the infestation. Since then …

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